Throw some D’s on it!

Or 19’s, 18’s, 17’s and so on….Being a Work Wheels distributor, it’s almost necessary to show case what they have to offer. From 15 inch wheels for entry level tuners with sports compact cars and budget, to big baller 20-22 inch VIP inspired wheels, Work has a lot of offer. Even though most of their wheels are approximately 3 months wait since they are made to order from Japan, it’s definately worth the wait to get something unqiue and satisfying…Here are some of our favorites:

Work Emotion CR-Kai – this is probably one of the nicest, most inexpensive set of authentic wheels you can buy in the market today

Work Equip 01 & 03 – The “old school” look, these styles are among the most popular set up nowadays with the Honda crowd looking into a  more aggressive look.

Work Equip E05 & E10 – Didn’t know Equip’s come in 20’s?! They just released these earlier this year, we first saw these at Tokyo Auto Salon. Wonder when we will see some cars here in the States rock these?

Work Rezax Universal – The “Premium forged edition”, the name itself already makes your car sound important. The ultimate VIP wheels in my opinion, if you have an extra 4-5k to spend on wheels, look into these.


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