Blog cherry popped *applause*

Where to start…. the guys over here at weksos demanded I started a blog so here it is. A little bit about myself, I’m 23 living in the good ole bay area. Currently working for an automotive import performance shop called Weksos Industries which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. If you haven’t heard of it check us out at! As of today I’ve been with the company for a about a year and a half… where does the time go who knows? I remember walking into the shop on my first day of work not knowing a damn thing. Looking back now its funny how I even survived the beginning stages of work. It’s great to see how we’ve molded into something that I would have never imagined when I first stepped foot into the tiny old location 3 years ago. Adam always gives me shit that I want things to happen over night and its true I have no patience. Okay getting back to whatever I was going to ramble on about… you will notice many grammar mistake in my posts which I promise to work on. If you see something let me know! Some of my hobbies include photography. Right now I’m shooting with a Nikon d40 paired up with a Tamron 17-50. photo is so fascinating yet so damn hard to get the hang of. This blog will motivate me to take more pictures of events and things I do in my daily life. I’ll try to keep you all interested with constant pics and event coverage along with new products we will be carrying! Check out the DC!

Here’s a pic of the DC2. This car has unfortunately looked the same the past 3 years : (

Random picture I took in my room while practicing with the camera

First time attempting night time / slow shutter speeds

Also hoping to bring some decent product photo to the new website when it drops. This is just a sample but I’m hoping to find a nice backdrop in the near future.


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