No Afilliation With Street Racing

A recent series of events were brought to our attention early this week. We at weksos industries felt these issues needed to be addressed immediately to avoid any sort of confusion by our customers or Law Enforcement Agencies.

We have been contacted by customers who were notified by their local Law Enforcement Agencies that weksos industries is a street racing club. This accusation has no validity and is indeed false beyond any shadow of a doubt. weksos industries is not a street racing club and does not endorse street racing in any way, shape or form. We have never condoned such a dangerous or illegal act and we never will. We are a legitimate business and will continue to be as long as our loyal customer base continues to support us.

We invite Law Enforcement Agencies to contact us with any questions they may have in regards to this situation or any other assistance they may need. We can be reached at 408.526.9325 and look forward to hearing from any and all of you.

Thank you,

The weksos industries staff


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