Art in the Streets – Wekfest LA Weekend

“Art in the Streets” is an exhibition put on by the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA that is the first of its kind. It is the first to show the history of graffiti and street art and the global influence it has had. Street art is something very important to me, normally seen as “low brow” to the art world it wasn’t until recently that it got the recognition that it deserves. I’m torn between this exhibit though. At one end of the spectrum i’m glad the artists are getting the exposure it deserves. On the other end I think why bother showing it to the masses that never cared in the first place. Then again, most young persons lives have been touched or indirectly influenced by street art or artists they just didn’t know it yet.

The legendary Keith Haring RIP

This room was great

The RAMMELLZEE room was one of my favorites. He died in 2010 RIP. To get a better idea of the room go here.

The IRAK installation included a bunch of photos as well. A good history of the NYC crew.

Swoon’s “Ice Queen” installation was amazing in person. No picture can do it justice.


Mister Cartoon’s ice cream truck is beautiful in person.

The paint was amazing.

If you haven’t heard of KIDULT he’s the French guy who has been terrorizing as of late. He’s one of the people that disagree’s with the commercialization of Street art and recently hit up a whole side of the MOCA wall (see below). Watch this video of him and make your own decisions about him.

The exhibit is massive and there’s so much stuff we didn’t post! I highly recommend everyone go see this exhibit!


Photos: Jose “Jozito Mojito” Ontiveros


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