Friday – Wekfest LA Weekend

As you all know WEKFEST LA was this past Sunday June 5th, 2011 and it was an epic time. We headed down early though to take photos and what not. We drove straight from the Bay Area to Illest Boutique for the pre-meet with no time to check into our hotel.

This gentleman was kind enough to sing his rendition of Frank Sinatra to us.

This was personally my first time to Illest, inside you can find all the things Mark loves.


Kenneth calls the shots.

Your friend Felix (Fatlace) is in the background there.

These are pretty essential.

It started to get later into the evening and we got tired.

Justin and the whole IMPRM crew showed up.

In the window you can see a bit of the WEKFEST shirt Fatlace designed for the tour.

By the end of the Pre-WEKFEST meet we were tired so we decided to head back to our hotel and die only to be reborn the next day lol.

Photos: Jose “808 and Tacos” Ontiveros


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