Saturday – Wekfest LA Weekend

On Saturday we checked into Hotel Maya which is just on the other side of the Queen Mary, the venue of WEKFEST LA. This boutique hotel by Double Tree was pretty great I must say. In all my travels I’ve stayed at some good hotels and some pretty bad ones, this ones decor and mood perfectly fit the scenery that surrounded it.

This is one of the outside patio area’s which I happily smoked cigarettes at.

Great view of Downtown Long Beach

Contemplating life and probably smoking, at the same time.

Fantastic lobby area

Queue this Rick Ross song.

After we checked in, we went to check out “Art in the Streets” exhibition at the MOCA, that’s a different blog post though.

Weksos does it better.


My favorite time of day.

We had dinner somewhere around downtown.

Then we came back to the hotel where we could only get one drink from the bar before they closed haha.

We sat around the fire and told each other our deepest darkest secrets. Also gossiped about who’s getting fat.

Off to bed we went around 2am only to get up at 5am. In a few hours WEKFEST  was starting.

Photos: Jose “I need a drink to get out of bed” Ontiveros


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