WEKFEST LA Coverage – Part 1

With our coverage of WEKFEST LA we tried to give a more comprehensive view of the whole weekend. Just because there are lots of great photographers out there who took coverage of the whole show (i’ll post them all in a seperate blog post). Alas, without further ado here is some photos from the actual day of the show. We had a great time. Thank you to everyone who showed up, all of our sponsors, supporters, and everyone else who made WEKFEST LA possible.


Pretty sure this was the most beautiful car show in the world. Considering the scenery.

Thank you to Gio from Crooks & Castles for coming out!

Justincredible from IMPRM

Rae Rosero.

Our Summer 2011 Collection is now available here.

FFTec Motorsports

Join the WEKSET.

That’s a nice view.

Great mk3

My favorite person in the world.

AIR RUNNER had a whole fleet with them.

AIR RUNNER’s Prius was amazing. So much personality.

Photos: Chris Lovos


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