Car Feature


I love taking pictures with my iPhone. I never know why people laugh at me….. Whatevers..



Josh’s Lexus IS 350

Josh is the newest member of the WEKSOS family at the shop and we are extremely excited to have him on board. We would like to give everyone a look at his beautiful Lexus IS.

Josh is also the guy who started a local meet called Cars & Boba this Summer in the San Jose Bay Area which has become quite popular. It is inspiring to see someone as young as him doing something positive for their local scene! Without active participation within a scene it will die. So, it’s cool that Joshie decided to make things more inclusive as we try to do with everything here at WEKSOS.

Photos: Jose Ontiveros

Direction: Geoffrey Nguyen

Anh’s DC2 Type-R

A beauty she is.

Photos by Chris Lovos